for ANY Gold or Silver Items in any condition

Up to 50% more than Jewelry stores will pay !



Coins & Bars

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Minimum purchases are 50 oz's of Silver or 1 oz of Gold

MOST ITEMS ARE IN STOCK, available for immediate pick up


Unlike the banks or Jewelry Stores, here there's no hidden fees such as armored- car charges, taxes, etc.

Get more than face value for most pre-1968 coins. 

Why spend months trying to find the value of your old coin collections. Get your written appraisals here.

Silvertip is a locally-owned business, dealing in precious metals.  I offer many ways to connect with you directly, person to person.  Please call or text to find out how to have a face-to-face meeting, and if you're purchasing, take immediate possession of your physical gold or silver.  if you're selling, you get paid on the spot.

Hope to see you soon.

If you're wanting to learn about how the financial system really works, and why and how gold and silver have have been the ultimate storage of wealth for thousands of year, this video series is for you.  I think Mike has done such a good job on this project, that this will quite likely be the only video series on this topic that you'll ever need to watch.  Hope you find it helpful.