Silverware, Trays, misc. coins, etc

Hello, and welcome to Silvertip Gold of Saskatoon. 

If you have items that you believe could contain silver, and therefore be worth some good money, you've come to the right place.  The first thing to know, is that just because your items are silver in color, and have some tarnishing on them, it does not necessarily mean they actually contain silver.  If the items are tarnishing with a black color, it's most likely not silver.   But here's a few things you can look to determine if they are truly silver or not.  And if they are, please get in contact with me, and we'll be able to set up an appointment to have you bring them in and sell for fair market value.

1.  The vast majority of silver spoon, forks, trays, coffee pots, etc. are stamped with numbers such as 999, 925, 800, 600, or will have the word "Sterling".  Some very old ones may not, and will have Hallmarks such as a Lion.  If it doesn't have these marks stamped into them, then they most likely do not contain silver, and we would not purchase them.  See the pictures below.

2.  Silver is not magnetic, so if you put a magnet to it and it sticks, it's definitely not silver.

3.  If there's words like "Copperplate",  "ESP", "SP", "Rogers", "Silverplate", etc. on the item, then for sure it is not silver.

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