Beware of FOols Gold

Before you read any further, you need understand that by sharing this information, we only what to help you, not scare you.  And that Silvertip Gold is an accredited Bullion DND Dealer, with the Royal Canadian Mint.  As any reputable Gold Dealer must do, we have invested large amounts of money to purchase and incorporate the equipment necessary to properly test and verify every single item we bring into our stock. 

Now for the bad news.  In the gold business, one unfortunate part is when we have to explain to a potential seller, that what they are trying to sell us, is not real gold.  They have been fooled from someone they purchased from in the past, most often because they thought they were getting a great deal from a neighbor, or a purchase they made on-line. 

 On this page, we provide you with some of the latest scams that are out there, so you can avoid becoming a victim yourself.  What's listed here, is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should help you understand and appreciate the importance of dealing only with an actual Gold Dealer.  You probably wouldn't go someone who claims they can do you Heart Surgery for 25% off, so we recommend you follow the same principle, when it comes to your hard earned money.  The risk of potentially saving a few dollars by purchasing from just anyone, or places like EBay, etc.,  just isn't worth it.  Hopefully you find the information below helpful.

1.  Around Saskatoon, on various highways, there's a couple, normally with a child, that is selling FAKE 18 K rings and chains, to people, that stop to help them with what appears to be vehicle trouble.  These rings and chains are stamped 18K, and appear to be real, but if they look like the ones in the pictures below, they are not. 

2.  The African Krugerran is the world's most counterfeited gold coin.  The one below is just one example, but some of the newer ones are almost indistinguisable to the eye.  I would not recommending you purchase any of the Krugerrands from someone who is not a Gold Dealer, and can test them right in front of you, before you purchase them.

3.  Because of the high price of gold right now, many counterfeit gold bars are going around.  Again, below is just a few samples of ones I often come across, so know that there are many more out there.